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January 15, 2019

S83 Trail Update: Logging operations have completed in the Chazy Highlands and Mtn Road. Trail S83 is now OPEN to snowmobiling from the Goldsmith Rd through to C8A / Wolf Pond Road. PLEASE USE CAUTION AS CONDITIONS AND SNOWCOVER MAY VARY. AND IT IS COLD OUT THERE !

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Feb meeting minutes

Adirondack Snow Drifters February 11, 2020 The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. Belly reported that clubs have not yet received their 30% monies from last year and the 70% checks for this year

Wed. Jan. 30th 8AM

All trails are in great shape including C8(Debar Mt.) which had water issues last week. We got 3-4 inches of new snow yesterday. Temp now is in the teens and it's sunny. Please ride safely and yield t

Jan 26th trail update

Yes we did get the rain on Wednesday. The good part was is switched over to snow that afternoon. The trails were flat but vulnerable yesterday. We were hoping sledders would take a day off the trails


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