Jan 26th trail update

Yes we did get the rain on Wednesday. The good part was is switched over to snow that afternoon. The trails were flat but vulnerable yesterday. We were hoping sledders would take a day off the trails so as not to rut them up while they were so soft and wet. Luckily we only saw two sleds that were out. It got cold overnight which should have set the trails up stiffer. We've received about 2-3 inches of new snow overnight into today. We've had periods of snow squalls followed by sunshine today. A little more snow for engine and slide cooling will definitely help. It will be icy and slick under that snow. Just had some sledders in that told us of a deep water hole on C8(Debar Mt.) on the western side of that trail.(county rt. 99 side) A sled was buried in water up to the headlight. Please use caution. If you don't have snow where you live, come north in Franklin County. I'll fill you in on other trails as I get more info. Your club of the year(Adirondack Snowdrifters) is once again in high gear. We have added a Tucker Sno-Cat to our grooming fleet to assist in making those trails the best around.