Wed. Jan. 30th 8AM

All trails are in great shape including C8(Debar Mt.) which had water issues last week. We got 3-4 inches of new snow yesterday. Temp now is in the teens and it's sunny. Please ride safely and yield to those groomers. If you don't have snow where you live, come north in Franklin County. I'll fill you in on other trails as I get more info. Your club of the year(Adirondack Snowdrifters) is once again in high gear. We have added a Tucker Sno-Cat to our grooming fleet to assist in making those trails the best around. We thank all of you that joined our club for your support and confidence in us to make snowmobiling better in Franklin County. We sincerely appreciate it. We have big hopes of once again growing that membership and making snowmobiling in Franklin county the envy of all trail systems in the state (and even the bordering states).