3/15 HOT

If I could ask all riders for a favor, please stay off the trails today as they are so soft and wet. The ruts we'd put in today will be hard to smooth out if & when it gets cold again and snows. We'll have to wait & see the effect on the trails after this warmer weather passes. A couple wors of caution. First of all the Debar Mt. trail(C8) has a number of washouts on it and secondly the Best Club trail from the Red Tavern Rd. to the Meacham Lake campground is once again closed due to logging going on. Your club of the year(Adirondack Snowdrifters) is once again in high gear. We have added a Tucker Sno-Cat to our grooming fleet to assist in making those trails the best around. We thank all of you that joined our club for your support and confidence in us to make snowmobiling better in Franklin County. We sincerely appreciate it. We have big hopes of once again growing that membership and making snowmobiling in Franklin county the envy of all trail systems in the state (and even the bordering states).